Batman Car Toys: The Christmas, Birthday, or “Just Because” Treat

With very few exceptions, any kid would be thrilled to receive Batman toys for their birthday, Christmas, or just because their wonderful relative was feeling particularly giving that day. Batman is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters in the English-speaking world, and when it comes to playtime, the possibilities are endless. The infamous Caped Crusader lends himself to hours of exciting and stimulating adventures. Everyone’s favorite Dark Knight has inspired the imagination since his creation in 1939, and today, there is a whole sea of toy options available to Kindergarteners, ten-year-olds, and even us big kids, who pretend that we don’t have four Batmen hiding in our computer room at home.

One of the first Batman toys, created in 1973, was the Mego Batman, a doll inspired by Adam West’s portrayal. Batman toys have come a long way since the days of Adam West, and though you’re unlikely to find one modeled after that particular Batman actor, the interpretations, characters and stories available in toy form are endless. Let’s delve into two examples of today’s beset Batman toys.

A prime example of a stellar Batman toy is one created by toy ruler Fisher-Price: the Imaginext Super-Friends Bat Cave. This Batcave measures at a whopping twenty-one inches across, fifteen inches tall, and five inches deep, providing more than enough space for all of Batman’s needs. The beyond-cool superhero lair comes with not only a Batman figurine, but also a figure of his sidekick, Robin. There is even a motorcycle included for the superheroes to ride off to rescue Gotham from danger, enabling kids to play with the set straight out of the box. This play set requires no batteries (making life a lot easier for the adults in the room), but the lack of flashing lights doesn’t make this toy any less entertaining. This Batcave has a jail door to keep the villains from unleashing their villainy upon Gotham, and each of the Batcave’s three levels have red disks where the figurines can stand. This is also a great toy for travel, because it folds up neatly for ease of storage and transportation.

And of course, any discussion of toys would not be valuable without some input from LEGO. Another great toy is from their DC Superheroes series, this one called The Riddler Chase. This set tells the story of the Riddler, who is on the run after robbing Gotham’s bank, and Batman is hot on his tail in a super-cool new Batmobile. This play set comes with three easy-to-recognize figurines: the mischievous and diabolical Riddler, our heroic Batman, and even The Flash! The Batmobile has a detachable cockpit and some flash missiles, as well as a Batman’s trusty Batarang. The Riddler has his escape vehicle– his dragster with a giant engine and monstrous rear wheels– as well as a crowbar and a banana to provide a treacherous obstacle for The Flash! The Riddler’s dragster comes with a detachable bomb so that he may defend the money bags he desperately desires. The stylish Batmobile stands at two inches tall, seven inches long, and the villain’s dragster is two inches tall and six inches long.