Learn More about the Chesterfield Sofa

history of the chesterfield


Across the world, the Chesterfield sofa is one of the most popular pieces of furniture. This has been the case for centuries and is expected to continue to be the case.

Chesterfields do require more space than a regular sofa—sometimes substantially so. These decorative couches are characterized by flayed out backs and puffed up skin that has deep wells dotting it. These wells are bottomed with large buttons. It also has flayed arms that are typically rolled up like scrolls.

Although the most popular type of fabric for a Chesterfield is probably brown leather, there are a wide variety of types and colors available. The result is a very elegant look that makes it little wonder that it is so popular. They are so prized a piece of furniture that creating them is considered an art form. Indeed, there are craftsmen all over the world who fully dedicate themselves just to fashioning chesterfield sofas.


There are other positives about Chesterfield sofas other than their elegance. They also provide more seating options. In addition, there is their versatility. One might assume that because of their great elegance and beauty, they would only really fit in the most opulent of settings. However, another reason they are so popular is that they go extremely well in virtually any style of room imaginable. This means that you never have to wonder if it will go with your other home or office space décor. You will not regret getting it. It will provide flair to whatever setting you are putting it in.

It is also an extraordinarily historic piece of furniture. As mentioned, chesterfield sofas have been one of the most popular in this genre for centuries. It first became a reality in the 18th century at some point. There are some theories, but the precise source of its origin is not known for sure. By the next century this type of sofa was so common that people customarily referred to the sofa in general as a Chesterfield. The most popular of these theories is that it was commissioned by Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773).

This seems likely since the earl is know to have been a big fashionista, he was in a position to do so at the right time in history, and since the sofa is known as—duh—Chesterfield. The earl is said to have specifically designed the Chesterfield sofa in order create a comfortable place a gentleman could sit without wrinkling his clothes. In any case, it immediately became incredibly popular because the design made for a very comfortable seating option. And it remains the case that Chesterfields are the most comfortable seating option that you will find.

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