Why Are Tattoos Getting Popular?

There is no doubt that the tattoo culture is growing every year – and all over the world too. Tattoo ideas for men abound and even women, though fewer than men, are jumping onto the tattoo culture every day. Forty five million people in the US have tattoos and the total average amount spent on tattoos in the US per year is over 1.6 billion dollars.

But why do people get tattooed? It is because they are addicted to ink, or are they trying to make a social statement? Some tattoo artists, when asked, said that most of their clients wanted a specific tattoo of a person or time in their lives that they never wanted to forget.

Other people got tattoos of sports teams, logos, and names of sports icons to show their lifelong support and solidarity. Others, a microscopic few, get tattoos to depict rebellion. Whatever the reason for getting a tattoo, if the fashion fades, some people will be very regretful considering a tattoo is a permanent impression on their skin.

Hottest Tattoo Trends in 2015 for Men

Tattoo trends come and go with the years. In the 1980s men were found sporting tribal tattoos on their forearms, upper arms and backs. These tattoos included images of tribes and all that was tribal. The most popular tattoos back then were arrows, a tribal man carrying a spear, the head of an Indian chieftain with his colorful head gear of feathers and many more.

In 2015 the tattoo trend has changed in that men are getting inked in places that no one had thought of before. Yes, these areas include parts that would have normally been unmentionable on a public forum only a couple of decades ago. Tattoo artists have to put their modesty aside and shamelessly tattoo people in some very private places. Nevertheless, the emerging tattoo trends include getting inked on the top and sides of fingers, around the wrist region, the side of the neck, ankles, chest, side of the calves and sides of the feet.

Men are going in for all sorts of cool tattoos that they can think of. They either research the net or get a hold of some picture that catches their eye and scoot over to a tattoo parlor to get it inked onto their skin. However, given the kind of tattoos that men are getting, one wonders if they really give any thought to what they want etched into their being that will be there forever.

The latest tattoos of 2015 include colorful hot air balloons, gothic catholic religious symbols such as crosses, crucifixes and pictures of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. But there are those who are a little inclined towards the satanic cult. They prefer sporting tattoos of skulls and crossbones.

However, most tattoo artists agree that the trend of 2015 leans towards getting whole collages tattooed. The chosen images that are tattooed into a colorful collage seem to depict a certain psychology of the individual. The collages depict happiness or any state of mind or some desire. These are the most popular tattoo trends in 2015. Lets see how and when this trend changes. Nevertheless, tattoos are here to stay.