Cool Man Cave Ideas that Work

A man cave is that special place for the guys in the house who sometimes have to get away from everyday problems, grab a beer and just get relaxed. But just how do you go about making a man cave? Is it just a room with a sofa and a few of a guy’s favorite things? Cave designs can be a lot of fun and can even be a well-designed area of the house that is perfect for entertainment.

Does that mean expensive?

Not necessarily! In this day and age, you can find many do-it-yourself ideas that can make all man caves incredible. But be warned: the following are some of the best man cave ideas and they may make your personal space so comfy that you won’t be able to leave it.

A Cheap but Cool Ottoman Idea

A Cheap but Cool Ottoman Idea

A denim upholstered ottoman that can store your magazines, games or even that odd stuff you just leave lying around in your man cave. An ottoman with storage space can be great for storing your stuff. This is an easy ottoman storage container made from fruit crate. All you need to do is spruce up a wooden crate, add a pillow topper that is upholstered in your favorite fabric, and presto, you have a very mod manly looking ottoman to put your feet on.

Wine Barrel Table

Wine Barrel Table

A fabulous wine barrel table can make furnishings more masculine looking. Do you live near or around that wonderful wine country? Head out on a road trip and look for a wine barrel. You would be surprised at what you can do with these wonderful barrels. You can turn it into a coffee table by cutting it in half. You can add a metal strap to give the barrel more strength when cutting it.

Wine Bottle Cork Board

Wine Bottle Cork Board

A fabulous cork board that every man room should have. This cool accessory gives you a place to hang all of those notes or do it yourself lists your wife or family members give you. Save all your wine bottle corks and glue them to a cardboard or some type of hard backing. Frame your wine cork board and hang it from the walls of your man cave.

Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

A modern take on the traditional coffee table: this makes any area stand out. You can make a cool coffee table from pallets: just find a few pallets and create your own using a tutorial. Then just add a coat of paint or varnish which can add a cool eco-friendly piece of furniture to your personal space.

Just Remember to Make Your Furnishing Fit Your Style

When thinking of man caves you need to focus on a certain style. Consider your taste and your hobbies which can help you determine whether you want a music themed man cave, a gaming area or just a mod place to relax. Then after you decide to make a DIY project make sure that your project fits in with the design of your choosing.

Learn More about the Chesterfield Sofa

history of the chesterfield


Across the world, the Chesterfield sofa is one of the most popular pieces of furniture. This has been the case for centuries and is expected to continue to be the case.

Chesterfields do require more space than a regular sofa—sometimes substantially so. These decorative couches are characterized by flayed out backs and puffed up skin that has deep wells dotting it. These wells are bottomed with large buttons. It also has flayed arms that are typically rolled up like scrolls.

Although the most popular type of fabric for a Chesterfield is probably brown leather, there are a wide variety of types and colors available. The result is a very elegant look that makes it little wonder that it is so popular. They are so prized a piece of furniture that creating them is considered an art form. Indeed, there are craftsmen all over the world who fully dedicate themselves just to fashioning chesterfield sofas.


There are other positives about Chesterfield sofas other than their elegance. They also provide more seating options. In addition, there is their versatility. One might assume that because of their great elegance and beauty, they would only really fit in the most opulent of settings. However, another reason they are so popular is that they go extremely well in virtually any style of room imaginable. This means that you never have to wonder if it will go with your other home or office space décor. You will not regret getting it. It will provide flair to whatever setting you are putting it in.

It is also an extraordinarily historic piece of furniture. As mentioned, chesterfield sofas have been one of the most popular in this genre for centuries. It first became a reality in the 18th century at some point. There are some theories, but the precise source of its origin is not known for sure. By the next century this type of sofa was so common that people customarily referred to the sofa in general as a Chesterfield. The most popular of these theories is that it was commissioned by Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773).

This seems likely since the earl is know to have been a big fashionista, he was in a position to do so at the right time in history, and since the sofa is known as—duh—Chesterfield. The earl is said to have specifically designed the Chesterfield sofa in order create a comfortable place a gentleman could sit without wrinkling his clothes. In any case, it immediately became incredibly popular because the design made for a very comfortable seating option. And it remains the case that Chesterfields are the most comfortable seating option that you will find.

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Why Are Tattoos Getting Popular?

There is no doubt that the tattoo culture is growing every year – and all over the world too. Tattoo ideas for men abound and even women, though fewer than men, are jumping onto the tattoo culture every day. Forty five million people in the US have tattoos and the total average amount spent on tattoos in the US per year is over 1.6 billion dollars.

But why do people get tattooed? It is because they are addicted to ink, or are they trying to make a social statement? Some tattoo artists, when asked, said that most of their clients wanted a specific tattoo of a person or time in their lives that they never wanted to forget.

Other people got tattoos of sports teams, logos, and names of sports icons to show their lifelong support and solidarity. Others, a microscopic few, get tattoos to depict rebellion. Whatever the reason for getting a tattoo, if the fashion fades, some people will be very regretful considering a tattoo is a permanent impression on their skin.

Hottest Tattoo Trends in 2015 for Men

Tattoo trends come and go with the years. In the 1980s men were found sporting tribal tattoos on their forearms, upper arms and backs. These tattoos included images of tribes and all that was tribal. The most popular tattoos back then were arrows, a tribal man carrying a spear, the head of an Indian chieftain with his colorful head gear of feathers and many more.

In 2015 the tattoo trend has changed in that men are getting inked in places that no one had thought of before. Yes, these areas include parts that would have normally been unmentionable on a public forum only a couple of decades ago. Tattoo artists have to put their modesty aside and shamelessly tattoo people in some very private places. Nevertheless, the emerging tattoo trends include getting inked on the top and sides of fingers, around the wrist region, the side of the neck, ankles, chest, side of the calves and sides of the feet.

Men are going in for all sorts of cool tattoos that they can think of. They either research the net or get a hold of some picture that catches their eye and scoot over to a tattoo parlor to get it inked onto their skin. However, given the kind of tattoos that men are getting, one wonders if they really give any thought to what they want etched into their being that will be there forever.

The latest tattoos of 2015 include colorful hot air balloons, gothic catholic religious symbols such as crosses, crucifixes and pictures of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. But there are those who are a little inclined towards the satanic cult. They prefer sporting tattoos of skulls and crossbones.

However, most tattoo artists agree that the trend of 2015 leans towards getting whole collages tattooed. The chosen images that are tattooed into a colorful collage seem to depict a certain psychology of the individual. The collages depict happiness or any state of mind or some desire. These are the most popular tattoo trends in 2015. Lets see how and when this trend changes. Nevertheless, tattoos are here to stay.

Batman Car Toys: The Christmas, Birthday, or “Just Because” Treat

cool kid riding a batman toy car

With very few exceptions, any kid would be thrilled to receive Batman toys for their birthday, Christmas, or just because their wonderful relative was feeling particularly giving that day. Batman is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters in the English-speaking world, and when it comes to playtime, the possibilities are endless. The infamous Caped Crusader lends himself to hours of exciting and stimulating adventures. Everyone’s favorite Dark Knight has inspired the imagination since his creation in 1939, and today, there is a whole sea of toy options available to Kindergarteners, ten-year-olds, and even us big kids, who pretend that we don’t have four Batmen hiding in our computer room at home.

One of the first Batman toys, created in 1973, was the Mego Batman, a doll inspired by Adam West’s portrayal. Batman toys have come a long way since the days of Adam West, and though you’re unlikely to find one modeled after that particular Batman actor, the interpretations, characters and stories available in toy form are endless. Let’s delve into two examples of today’s beset Batman toys.

A prime example of a stellar Batman toy is one created by toy ruler Fisher-Price: the Imaginext Super-Friends Bat Cave. This Batcave measures at a whopping twenty-one inches across, fifteen inches tall, and five inches deep, providing more than enough space for all of Batman’s needs. The beyond-cool superhero lair comes with not only a Batman figurine, but also a figure of his sidekick, Robin. There is even a motorcycle included for the superheroes to ride off to rescue Gotham from danger, enabling kids to play with the set straight out of the box. This play set requires no batteries (making life a lot easier for the adults in the room), but the lack of flashing lights doesn’t make this toy any less entertaining. This Batcave has a jail door to keep the villains from unleashing their villainy upon Gotham, and each of the Batcave’s three levels have red disks where the figurines can stand. This is also a great toy for travel, because it folds up neatly for ease of storage and transportation.

And of course, any discussion of toys would not be valuable without some input from LEGO. Another great toy is from their DC Superheroes series, this one called The Riddler Chase. This set tells the story of the Riddler, who is on the run after robbing Gotham’s bank, and Batman is hot on his tail in a super-cool new Batmobile. This play set comes with three easy-to-recognize figurines: the mischievous and diabolical Riddler, our heroic Batman, and even The Flash! The Batmobile has a detachable cockpit and some flash missiles, as well as a Batman’s trusty Batarang. The Riddler has his escape vehicle– his dragster with a giant engine and monstrous rear wheels– as well as a crowbar and a banana to provide a treacherous obstacle for The Flash! The Riddler’s dragster comes with a detachable bomb so that he may defend the money bags he desperately desires. The stylish Batmobile stands at two inches tall, seven inches long, and the villain’s dragster is two inches tall and six inches long.